He’s already changing

My husband brought home a number of books with him on his first return from police college: criminal code, traffic act – you know, the usual. Oh, and an eight chapter book called Emotional survival for law enforcement: A guide for officers and their families

That’s right – emotional survival.

The first few chapters, from what I can tell from skimming through the introductory pages, outline all the different ways that he’s going to change in the coming months and years. Unless he learns how to emotionally survive, he’ll become a cynical workaholic with a narrow to non-existent social circle whose sole home activity is vegetating in front of the television. Or something along those lines.

Apparently, one of his instructors told the class to give the book to someone in their lives to read and hold each officer accountable. I get to be that person.

Well, imagine my surprise when my dear husband sat down for some well-earned relaxation time and already showed signs of changing. “Are these the warning signs?” I wondered. “Am I going to lose him forever?”

Instead of loading up YouTube to watch a clip from a prank show or Judge Judy, he watched three consecutive videos of a monotone, slightly overweight man describing how to shine shoes.

Of course, after I brought my concerns up to him and we agreed that there’s probably no way our marriage can survive shoe shining videos, he put on a few Judge Judy episodes, just for me.

Maybe there is hope after all.


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