The realities of realty

I have never purchased a house before. I have never gotten close.

I did go apartment hunting a few times in my university days, and I found that to be tiring and monotonous. Oh, it has rooms? And you want money for me to live here? Good enough for me. Let’s wrap this up. I have studying to not do.

But for some reason, I’ve been able to approach looking for a house with a little more energy and enthusiasm. Maybe it’s because I am starting to imagine the next several years of life instead of just the next semester. I am starting to imagine what the house might look like with our furniture and our photos and filled with our dreams and love and warmth. Maybe it’s because I can picture cooking dinner for my family in the kitchen or reading with a kid in the living room. Or maybe it’s just because there aren’t any pizza stains on the wall.

Whatever it is, I became enthralled with every house that was on the market and in our price range – all seven of them. Each one was its own dream.

And then my friend with some real estate came over and looked at some of them online with me, and the dreams kind of ended.

This one probably doesn’t have a shower, since the main bathroom just has a half wall. That one is vague about the heating system – it’s probably just an outdoor wood furnace, which means you couldn’t be away from the house for more than 12 hours at a time in the winter unless you want everything to freeze. Are you sure you want the bedrooms on different floors if you’re going to have more than one kid? You probably don’t want to put a toddler in the basement.

Well, dang.

So we’re heading to Cochrane this weekend for the first time ever. Within two days, we’re going to look at all seven of the houses that are on the market in our price range and try to learn the town and get a tour of the detachment and meet another officer. We’ve made the conscious decision to love the town and love the detachment.

But can we love a flawed house? Can we go in with a list of a building’s imperfections and imagine ourselves there anyway? Will we be okay knowing that the rooms aren’t set up perfectly or the bathroom situation might be hard to deal with?

I really, really hope so.


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