Practicing impatience


That was the bold font, all caps (read: urgent) message plastered all over the documentation we received in the mail after my husband accepted his position. As with any instructions law-abiding citizens receive from police officials, we took the directions very, very seriously.

So when I called the relocation unit – before we made any kind of moving arrangements – I was surprised at the response.

“Yeah, whatever.”

Those were not the exact words, but they may as well have been.

I was informed that the relocation unit only helps recruits with the actual relocation. Once you’re in and moving from having worked as a police officer for a while, then they’ll help with buying and selling and all that complicated stuff. But this time around, we are basically on our own besides getting all of our worldly possessions from Point A to Point B (which is help that I will gladly accept).

However, the woman I spoke with suggested that we wait until after midterms before we buy or sell anything. She offered a few reasons, mostly based around the possibility that my husband might not actually enjoy his time at police college (have I mentioned that he told me it’s “the best thing that ever happened to me?”). That’s not a real possibility – he loves it.

She also hinted that there was a possibility that he might not actually end up where he was originally placed. Well, we’ve since received confirmation of his platoon schedule and met his coach officer, so that seems like an unlikely possibility, too.

The ultimate undertone of the conversation was that we should wait to make sure he does well on his midterms in case he’s a miserable failure. Well, he’s had two written and one fitness test so far and averaged in the mid-90s. All of a sudden, I’m thinking his failure is also not a possibility.

So, despite advice not to even consider purchasing a house yet, we decided to practice some impatience and get started on house hunting when the timing and weather worked. Here we are, several weeks before recommended, looking at homes in Cochrane, with the possibility of signing the next five years of our lives over.

That possibility sounds a little more realistic.


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