All hail the chain link fence

Four substantial, steaming piles of dog poo – that’s what it took to remind me how great it is having a fenced yard.

I, along with both dogs, moved in with my parents for an indeterminate amount of time while the house is up for sale, as we figured for the first few days, it would be like a revolving door with people in and out looking at it (and we were absolutely right – but that’s for another post).

The result is me indirectly touching a lot more poop than I’ve grown accustomed to.

I take the dogs on walks anyway, but the fenced yard means that at least some of the poop pick-up is mitigated to another time and place. I can go out into the yard one day with a plastic bag and spade when I’m feeling particularly brave and scoop all the poop I can find and have it be over in a relatively short amount of time. And when I’m on a walk, the dogs are less likely to need to poop – instead, they’re more focused on peeing on everything to make sure that every other dog who walks by knows what’s what.

But this afternoon, I walked the dogs for 30 minutes and got a combined tally of four poops. That’s an average of one poop per 7.5 minutes.¬†Then later tonight, I took them for another 15 minutes and got another poop each out of them. They’re nothing if not consistent.

It’s not that I particularly mind picking up poop – it’s just something I have to do, I guess – but stopping to pick it up at such a frequency when I’m at the point of losing my breath while tying my shoes is going to very quickly become tedious.

What’s the alternative? Packing them up and driving them over to the house every time one of them might need to poop. That also sounds tedious, but it might just be worth a try.


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