Transportation adaptation

How do you get two adults, two large dogs, and a baby from Point A to Point B?

It sounds like the start of the kind of joke that would somehow involve a rabbi and a duck, but really, this is just the reality that we’re starting to consider.

Right now, between my husband and I, we have three vehicles. My car is kind of the go-to transportation method if the adults and dogs are headed somewhere – it’s contained and each of us gets our own seat, so it always works. Sometimes, if it’s a nice, warm day and we’re not going too far, we’ll take the truck and put the dogs in the back. We have yet to attempt to transport the dogs on the motorcycle (although I’m sure it would provide a rollicking visual).

But add in a baby and things start to get complicated.

Let’s just be clear; if we’re not daring enough to try two dogs and two humans on the motorcycle, we are probably never going to get around to trying two dogs, two humans, and an infant on a motorcycle (although, again, it would be worth seeing).

The truck would be possible, but the lack of full rear seats complicates the matter. The baby would have to go in the front – air bags off – and I would have the distinct pleasure of sitting cramped and sideways for the duration of our trip (which, if we were headed to see our parents, would be a full day of driving). No thank you.

The car seems slightly more plausible, because it technically has five front-facing seats and there would be five beings inside. Again, my husband would be driving in this scenario, and because Comet is the next most important member of the family, he would get the other front seat. Stella can be trusted to lick any object that occupies the same unobstructed five-foot radius as her, so I would be forced to sit in the middle of the back to act as a barrier between her and the baby, which we would most likely prefer remain dog slobber-free. It would be cramped, but at least we would all have a better chance of surviving in an accident.


The proposed car situation is on the left. The truck is on the right.

But the car has another drawback. Consider that we’re moving to Northern Ontario – this is what I envision.


Seriously – there will probably be a LOT of snow.

Even with snow tires, my car doesn’t handle particularly well in snowy conditions because it’s front wheel drive and low to the ground. Also, it takes a long time to warm up. Basically, it’s not ideal for winter time, and we’re looking at prospect of a half-year winter. Every year.

So what’s the solution? What vehicle allows us to address our adapting transportation needs?

You might expect the answer to be a mini van, or perhaps a sport utility vehicle. And if we were rational people, that might be the right answer. But, if you’ll remember from my post about choosing a house, sometimes things just aren’t “us.”  Those vehicles just don’t seem like us – not at this stage in our lives, anyway.

Instead, we’re picturing something with five regular-people seats and a trunk as big as… something that has a large trunk. An elephant, perhaps? A magician? A giant sequoia?

The point is, if we get a station wagon, the dogs can go in the back of the car and the rest of us can be left in lick-free peace.


Look at those smiles. This car is definitely a travelling treasure.

Let the hunt begin!


4 thoughts on “Transportation adaptation

  1. I suggest you get the Ghostbusters car. It has an excellent siren to suggest you have a baby and two large dogs coming through.

    I also note you don’t have Mom driving and dad in the back as a suggestion.

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