Still snow? S’no way!

We finally had our home inspection done a few days ago – more than two months after putting the offer in on the house.

It took so long because we asked to have an inspection done on the septic tank as well, and instead of paying to have the inspector come out twice, we opted to save our money and wait for the snow to melt so he could get in to the yard to see the tank.

So we waited, and waited, and extended the waiting deadline, then waited some more.

Snow kept coming.

Finally last week, our real estate agent let me know that they would be going ahead with the inspections. Makes sense, I though – it was almost May, after all. Of course the snow was gone.

No. False. Incorrect.

The snow was definitely still there and definitely still thick enough to impede the inspector’s ability to do his job. That’s right, my friends. On April 25, a snow removal company had to go onto our property to allow professionals access to part of our yard.

Did I mention that we actually want to move to this place?


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