Crazy on board

While I was out walking the dogs yesterday, I noticed a pair of hooligans. One was an unpleasant-looking middle-aged woman driving an old, square-shaped green van. The other was a teenage boy, I presume her son, riding in the back of the van – specifically, sitting on the side ledge of the van with the sliding door wide open. The driver sped past me and made a lazy left turn without using her signal. The boy’s legs flailed a little with the movement of the vehicle.

And then, I saw the back of the van and laughed.

“Baby on Board” read the sticker.

I find the Baby on Board paraphernalia a little funny to begin with, to be honest. I feel like putting a sticker that says “Baby on Board” on the back of my car really says, “Baby life is way more precious than other forms of human life. I know you were planning on ramming into the back of me since my life and yours aren’t worthwhile, but come on, there’s a BABY in this car. You wouldn’t do that to a BABY.”

But to put one on the back of your car and then disregard your own safety, regardless of whether other drivers value baby life more than regular human life, is downright ludicrous.

But seriously. No “Baby on Board” stickers in my life, please and thank you.

And don’t get me started on stick figure families.



2 thoughts on “Crazy on board

  1. Instead of a stick figure family, you should put the picture you drew of the car seating arrangement on the back of your car.

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