Things that have changed

Things I have done more of since Baby E’s arrival

1. Learned how to do a number of tasks one-handed, including eating and using the washroom.

2. Been pooped and peed on.

3. Let people other than my husband see my boobs. Nurses, lactation consultants, parents, and unsuspecting baby visitors have all gotten an eye-full.

4. Lowered my standards. A lot of things, from the food I eat to the clothes I wear to the household chores I do have passed my new standards of ‘good enough’ or ‘it’s not going to kill anyone.’

5. Cried. To my surprise, any mother I tell this to nods knowingly and tells me, “It gets better.”


Things I have done less of since Baby E’s arrival

1. Brushed my hair. Brushed my teeth. Showered. Basically any sort of basic personal hygiene.

2. Slept. I got three straight hours last night – also three hours total – and I felt pretty good about that.

3. Communicated with people not in a five-foot radius of me. Screaming babies tend to drown out anything shouted from another room, and sleep deprivation (see bullet point #2) limits my willingness to seek out friendliness via telephone, video phone, or other modern communication techniques.

4. Read news or really anything about the world. You would think that being required to sit on a couch for half of my life while feeding and comforting a child would lend itself to lots of Internet usage. Somehow, it hasn’t worked out that way.

5. Blogged. I’m sure you understand.


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