Lessons learned

I learned a few lessons about living in the Great White North today, as we had our first significant snowfall.  I would like to share them with you;

1) Make sure your snow blower works before November 11.

2) If shovelling is your back up plan, make sure the handle is attached to the shovel.

3) Make sure you have two boots. Seriously. I’m sure I packed both of them back in May.

4) If you have a four month old, you should probably take her outside with you because it’s going to take a while. Make sure that your carrier is designed to hold an infant in a snowsuit, or else you’re going to have to do the shovelling with one hand.

5) Consider moving to a house with a shorter driveway. Or to a region that doesn’t get significant snowfall on November 11.

6) When you are finished accomplishing your task despite all of the odds stacked against you, post an adorable picture of the aforementioned child to Facebook for maximum reward.


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