The snot solution

Most of the postings with the Ontario Provincial Police in Northern Ontario are duration postings. That means officers have to commit to a certain amount of time (for which they receive a bonus compensation) and then they’re free to get the heck away, no questions asked. And in fact, many – if not most – officers do exactly that.

As a result, the casual observer could logically conclude that Northern Ontario is an undesirable place in which to live.

However, I think this might just be an issue of framing.

Sure, Northern Ontario is full of black flies and bears and is void of many forms of transportation and entertainment. But there are also plenty of positives.

For example, Northern Ontario has a free, fast, natural and non-invasive solution to your runny nose; for the entire month of January, just go stand outside for 30 seconds and your snot will freeze! Guaranteed!


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