Smart phones, dumb service

Because I’m a Responsible Adult (TM), I’ve been working on a household budget.  Because I’m still really just a Clueless Kid (also TM), I have no idea what I’m doing, and I’ve been trying to use online resources as a guide.

A lot of these resources assume that the reader would like to save money (I do!) and offer a variety of solutions to accomplish that goal; get rid of cable (done), make most of your meals at home (done), drink tap water instead of anything else ever (done), and shop at second-hand stores (way ahead of you, list).

Some of the suggestions are hard to accomplish – shop around for deals on groceries? Probably not the most practical, when there’s only one grocery store in town.  Driving 50 km to save $1 on cheese is probably not going really save me anything.

But the suggestion I have the biggest struggle with is “Get rid of your land line!”  And no, it’s not just because we have a corduory-wrapped rotary dial phone that I’m in love with.

The issue, friends, is that although we live directly on the TransCanada highway and are a mere six kilometres outside of town, our cell phone reception isn’t that great.  It can be hours between trying to send a text message and when those words actually leave my device and enter the magical world of going to someone else’s phone.  Sometimes, my phone all of a sudden tells me I have a voice mail, even if I’ve been sitting next to it all day desperately hoping that someone will call me.  So even when they do call, my answering system kicks in, assuming my phone is off, and all they hear is that I’m “not available, so please leave a message.”  But I AM available.  I am SUPER available!

So my husband and I spend money that professional budget people think is a waste because I like the romantic idea that phone calls are still in fashion and that sometimes people might make them to me and want to talk.

Why not get rid of our cell phones instead?

Well, Mr. B needs his for work. And I need mine for updating my blog in the wee hours of the morning while also feeding or otherwise caring for our child. And for taking photos of said child when I can’t find/am too lazy to go get our camera.  And for playing solitaire while pooping.

I just need it, okay?


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