Ice, ice baby

The title for this post is not only a subtle and hilarious tie-in between early 90s culture and the general information to be presented in this post; it’s also an excellent break down of how I spent my time over the past couple of weekends.

Winters, it turns out, are kind of long in Northern Ontario.  Long winters, it turns out, can kind of make people crazy.  And crazy people, as we all know, do crazy things.

So every year, Cochranites celebrate winter.  That’s right – they celebrate it.

(Read a history of the Cochrane Winter Carnival here. I wrote it!)

They bundle themselves up to the point that the whole town looks obese, and they go outside and dance and play and fish and jump in holes in the frozen lake and crash cars and go on horse sleigh rides.  They eat chicken wings and drink hot chocolate and burn torches in the middle of town in a fire fighter-sanctioned event.

From the Cochrane Times Post.


They play hockey and skate and build really good snow sculptures on the annual theme (this year’s was super heroes).

And we did it all too – we put on as many layers as we could fit under our coats and we named tunes and burned fires and even built a snow sculpture.

A hero police officer riding an extremely wide polar bear. Thank goodness we have a few more years here to hone our skills.

Call me crazy, but I loved every minute of it.